What's New at PEC : 2013

  • Fraud Prevention Suite on PEC's CardSaver

    By implementing fraud prevention features from PEC's CardSaver, we can work together to minimize VoIP Fraud.

    Preventing ANI / Caller ID Fraud

    PEC's CardSaver allows you to implement a 4 digit passcode for PIN-less accounts to provide additional security. The Block List feature, gives you the ability to limit where your customers call.

    Preventing Credit Card Fraud via Website or Phone Recharge

    PEC's most recent version of CardSaver implements several new Credit Card Fraud Protection features to verify All Transactions (NEW/RECHARGE). You are now able to set limits on the amount an account can charge per day or the maximum number of declines an account can have before being disabled.

    PEC's CardSaver allows you to limit who you give the Phone Recharge option to. PEC is currently developing a feature that will call a customer back after the customer has gone through the phone recharge process to ensure that the customer is calling from a legitimate phone number.

    Preventing SIP PBX Fraud

    PEC has recommendations regarding ports, firewalls and secure passwords, if you have a SIP PBX, such as Asterisk, AllWorx, Switchvox, Fonality, 3CX, or Brekeke. Funnel your calls from the PBX to a system like CardSaver to set a finite limit on the calls that leave the PBX.

    If your CardSaver is missing any of the features in this memo, please contact us and schedule a CardSaver upgrade appointment @ +1-732-290-1900.

  • Send the Gift of Airtime with PEC Telecom's Mobile Top Up

    Parwan Electronics Corporation (PEC) announces its Mobile Top Up Solution, a prepaid airtime transfer service to phones of family and friends within the US or internationally! Read our press release: www.prweb.com

  • In 2013 , you can start a business with the help of our Business Startup Ideas:
    • Calling Card Startup Package
    • PIN-less Startup Package
    • Call Back Startup Package
    • Call Shop Startup Package
    • Offer Mobile Top Up
    • Offer Call Forwarding
    • Offer Wholesale Billing
    • Offer Direct Dialing

    Find out more at www.pecbilling.com

  • We now offer:
    • High Quality International Callback
    • Flexible System Management
    • No Equipment to purchase
    • There is no long-term contract

    Find out more at www.callback.co

  • Here are a list of iPhone Apps that may be downloaded FREE on the APP store.
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  • Did you know that:
    • We now have toll-free service
    • We offer DIDs in over 3000 cities
    • We support most VoIP gateways
    • There is no long term contract

    Find out more at www.didlive.com

  • The PEC Insight Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software is a technology that automates interaction with telephone callers. Whether you need to dialout out and remind a customer about an outstanding payment, upcoming appointment, or warn them of an emergency, or if you are needed to provide an caller dialing into you automated information about your service, info about their account, route their call to the proper department or agent or anything that can be automated, Insight IVR is your solution. Our powerful software allows companies to turn their vision of an interactive call flow into reality. You can deploy Insight IVR in a single location where PEC can develop the application for you, or if you're a 3rd Party Developer or Integrator needed an integrated IVR, Insight IVR is your solution. Find out more at: www.pecivr.com
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