Call Forwarding

What is Call Forwarding?

PEC's Call Forwarding Solution gives service providers the technology they need to offer their customers a local number that is automatically forwarded to another (local or international) phone number.


  • Allow businesses to show a large presence than they may actually have (nationally or internationally)
  • Allow business customers from other countries to dial a local number to reach you
  • Allow International travelers to have their local number forward to the International number.

Example #1: A business may be based out of New York and wants to attain customers in Eastern Europe. They can activate a local telephone numbers in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and all the other counties they want presence in. All incoming calls from any of these countries can be forwarding to their office in New York.

Example #2: An Online web business based out of UK which sells services worldwide wants to provide an easy way for a customer in the USA to call them for sales or support. With PEC's Call Forwarding Solution a New York, NY USA (or city of their choice) number is providec and all calls are forwarded to their local UK Phone Number.

Example #3: An Mortgage Business based out of Philadelphia, PA USA would like to market their services with local numbers throughout the country. This customer can be provided with local or toll free numbers in almost every state and city in the USA. If a caller dials any of these numbers it will forward to their local Philadelphia, PA USA number.

Example #4: An Individual in California, USA wants his friends/family in the Dominican Republic to reach him easily. With PEC's Call Forwarding Solution this individual can be provided with a local Dominican Republic number and any calls from this number are forwarded to his local USA number.