Start a Prepaid Calling Card Business

PEC has assisted 10,000+ startup and experienced prepaid companies worldwide to setup a Calling Card / PIN less business using our software solutions. PEC's Calling Card Solution is custom designed, user - friendly with precise specifications for every individual business. CardSaver is the industry-preferred VoIP based billing software for Prepaid Calling services. Unlike other telecom companies, we provide most add-ons at no additional cost.

Start your own PINless Dialing Service

When utilizing PEC's PIN-less based calling feature you can offer access to specified customers without the customer having the hassle of remembering numerous PIN numbers. When the call is made from a phone number that is registered within the "trusted numbers" of your CardSaver system, CardSaver uses the Caller ID's matched account number to automatically authenticate the caller.

Call Back System

Call Back solutions have been successfully implemented by many countries in South America, Africa and Asia where call back systems are extremely profitable. Service Providers who need to provide inexpensive calling with reduced rates to their customer base without having to invest in expensive hardware and phone lines can take advantage of PEC's Call Back Solution. Callback services can also be packaged with existing products to increase revenues and explore new markets.